Cnr Ryley & Clark Streets, Owaka, Catlins Coast, New Zealand

The Catlins offers dense rain forests, bush walks with native birdlife, stunning coastal scenery and wildlife around this wild stretch of coast line from Kaka Point to Fortrose.

Owaka is one of the main service towns in the Catlins area and is a fantastic base to expore the Cathedral Caves, Nugget Point, Purakaunui Falls, Pounawea and Tunnel Hill to name a few.

There are some great coastal and bush walks, and the Catlins is also renowned for its lengedary surf breaks.

Nugget Point

The iconic Nugget Point is located near Kākā Point. There is a car park area from where you commence your walk to the Nugget Point Lighthouse. Wave-eroded rocks, which are likened to the shape of gold nuggets, can be seen from the viewing platform at the end of the path.

Pūrākaunui Falls

Framed by native forest and cascading 20 metres over 3 tiers, the Pūrākaunui Falls are among the most photographed waterfalls in New Zealand. Enjoy too the soundtrack of native birds and rushing water.

Cathedral Caves

Grand imposing caves which resonate with the sound of the sea. A beautiful walk through bush and along a scenic unspoiled beach is all part of this experience.

Mclean Falls

Listen to the native birds as you walk through beautiful Southland bush to a spectacular 22 metre cascade waterfall surrounded on both sides by dark-green mossy rocks. A must see waterfall in New Zealand!

Walking & Cycling

The Catlins' bike trips are just one of the many fun ways to explore and enjoy the breath-taking area. Or take one of the many walking tours through spectacular scenery.


Kaka Point to The Nuggets, Cannibal Bay, Catlins river mouth; all have power packed beach breaks. Long Point, Papatowai river mouth, Porpoise Bay (Curio Bay) are all popular places to surf. Between Papatowai and Tautuku Beach has a reef which is utilised as an extreme surfing area when the conditions are right. Porpoise Bay is a popular and safe swimming and surfing beach approximately 2km south of Waikawa.


The numerous species of coastal and marine wildlife is a major feature of the Catlins coast. See fur seals, New Zealand sea lions, Hector's dolphins and whales as well as far-ranging birds such as albatross, gannets and millions of petrels. Breeding populations of Yellow-eyed penguin and little Blue Penguin are found all along the coast.

Catlins Heritage

Embark on a captivating journey through the rich cultural tapestry of the Calins as you explore its heritage sites. Immerse yourself in the historical charm of these unique locations, each narrating stories of the region's past, offering travelers an enriching and insightful experience.


Discover the thrill of fishing in the Catlins surrounded by breathtaking coastal landscapes and abundant marine life. Whether casting a line from the rugged shores or venturing on a fishing charter, the Catlins offers an unforgettable angling experience for both seasoned fishermen and those looking to enjoy the serenity of the open sea.